Bizarrap at Amnesia

World-renowned artist Bizarrap (BZRP) returns to Amnesia Ibiza this summer for a single event that will be hosted in the Terrace on Tuesday, June 11th. After a successful five-date residency in 2023, Bizarrap will make his comeback to the legendary Ibiza venue for just one night, promising to bring an unforgettable experience.

Bizarrap, recognized as one of the world’s leading artists in the new urban music scene, will come back to Amnesia to offer a special show to those attending the Live Tour 2024, with only two stops in Europe. With his unparalleled energy and unique style, the event is an incredible opportunity for urban music lovers to enjoy the artist’s vibrant tracks and one-of-a- kind sounds.

Just like last year, the production of Amnesia will not fall short of expectations, offering a visual and auditory experience that will leave everyone breathless. In addition, Bizarrap will also be accompanied by the well-known José de las Heras, Hektor Mass, and Cande Gariso, promising a sensational show.

In 2023, Bizarrap won 3 awards for Best Urban Song, Best Pop Song and Song of the Year at the Grammy Latinos, making him the Argentine artist with the most nominations at the moment. Currently, he continues to rise to the top, collaborating with renowned artists from around the world and establishing himself as one of today’s most influential producers and DJs. At the moment, he is the third most-listened-to artist of the Latin music scene on Spotify, boasting a following of over 50 million listeners a month. Bizarrap’s show at Amnesia Ibiza is a unique opportunity to enjoy his talent at the best venue on the island.

Don’t miss this incredible experience on Tuesday, the 11 th of June at the Terrace in Amnesia Ibiza.