Joseph Capriati presents Metamorfosi at Amnesia

Joseph Capriati has become one of the most respected DJs on the electronic music scene over the years. To celebrate this and to put his successful trajectory in context, the artist has released a very special album on his label Redimension named Metamorfosi. A work that will develop beyond music, presenting a series of conceptual events that draw from this record. And how could it be otherwise, the place chosen in Ibiza to carry it out will be AmnesiaFriday 22 July, Friday 5 August and Friday 19 August are the dates on which Joseph Capriati will give us three parties with the essence of his electronic DNA.  

"It's a dream come true to have these dates at Amnesia. I have been dreaming about this since the first time I went to the club. Every party will be packed with passion from me and my whole team. Everyone will feel that when they step into the club. We decided to do just three nights so that we can really put everything into each one. I can't wait to see you there and make sure these events are truly special and unique experiences." - Joseph Capriati

Metamorfosi is the story of Joseph Capriati's artistic evolution, the result of his personal and musical development, the maturing of his influences and the encounter with his heroes. An introspective journey in which Joseph strips himself bare and shows us his concerns and the keys to the sound that has brought him so much success.

What better place to implement this concept than Amnesia Ibiza. The relationship between Capriati and the legendary Ibizan club is well known. There is a special chemistry between the two that is noticeable every time they meet, a perfect symbiosis that we have witnessed through unforgettable sessions. On 22 July, 5 August and 19 August we will see the purest Joseph Capriati, but he won't be alone in the DJ booth, he will be accompanied by artist friends who have been part of the genesis of Metamorfosi. But we'll leave that surprise for later.

If you are a fan of Joseph Capriati we are convinced that you will join him in this project, and if you are simply a lover of quality electronic music, these three dates of Metamorfosi at Amnesia Ibiza will reinforce your passion for clubbing culture.