Kevin and Perry Amnesia Experience 2024

Kevin & Perry are back to Amnesia this 2024! Finally touched down in Ibiza and unexpectedly pulled off two of the most talked-about and supercharged parties of the Ibizan season!

Not surprisingly, the demand for Kevin & Perry to return again this year has been LARGER than ever with them returning to Amnesia Ibiza on Tuesday the 24th of September

The lineup has been switched up a level as Y-Traxx, Sean HughesDave Pearce come together with Seb Fontaine & Lange B2B Signum in the famous Discotheque. Seb was the DJ that originally played during the actual filming and Lange produced the undisputed film anthem “Follow Me” which is certainly one of the highlights of the night! 

This year expect a discotheque crowd packed full of Trance & classic lovers, old-school Ibiza faces, bucket hats, glowsticks, and a vibe pulled straight from the '90s/early '00s with lasers, strobes, and smoke machines!

The energy-filled Amnesia terrace has also been reshuffled and will be hosted by Fragma (Live), Ultrabeat, Rob Tissera B2B Dale Castell, Graham Gold, James Dean & Marco Loco.

Ask anyone who attended last summer, the vibe in Amnesia was off the scale. It really did feel like being transported back in time to the hedonistic, party days of old. Time travel really does exist! 

Seb Fontaine - “Every time I watch it gives me goosebumps. Working with them on the club scenes was fantastic and it was actually me djing with Kevin and Perry on fake decks. One of those nights you just never forget and I can’t wait to get back to Amnesia Ibiza this summer.”