Paradise at Amnesia

Paradise presents Temples of The Sun 

Every Wednesday we journey to an era far beyond our present reality, to a land where a civilisation known as the Solari draw upon cosmic energies that flow from the sun in a pursuit for galactic harmony. Guided by the ancients, the Solari have established a community grounded in the power of light and sound.

Within the gleaming walls of their temples an energy emerges as the Solari commune with the sun through dance, invoking its boundless power to bring peace, happiness and unparalleled positivity to their world.  In their dance they find unity - a shared experience that transcends language and connects them to the sun’s life force.  

We invite you to experience Temples of The Sun.

Join Jamie Jones plus a host of artists soon to be announced for Paradise every Wednesday at Amnesia.  

Opening 19th June - Closing 2nd October. 2024

A-Z line for 2024 season is here: 

Wednesday 19 Jun
Wednesday 26 Jun
Wednesday 03 Jul
Wednesday 10 Jul