04 June 2024

HORIZON: A new portal opens at Amnesia, welcoming Mathame's new residency, NEO.

Since 11 PM last Friday, the melodic rhythm of the Argentine producer Ubbah set the foundation for a powerful energy that would grow beat by beat, DJ by DJ. With a stage set up high and a visual set dominated by lasers, Amnesia became an exquisite portal of intense music that flowed smoothly and harmoniously.

Fred Lenix has been making his name resonate around the world after joining ARTBAT on their label and playing at historic venues. After his spectacular set, he gave way to Miss Monique with a proud embrace. The Ukrainian DJ exuded very positive energy upon entering the space and seemed thrilled to be playing at the iconic nightclub for the first time. In an exclusive interview, she mentioned that her first visit to the venue was seven years ago as a young clubber eager to discover the mystique of the place in Ibiza. During her set, she played great tracks like “Candela” by Monkey Safari and a remix of “Warrior/2People/Rapture” by Michael Woods and Jean Jacques Smoothie.

With arms raised and a cheering ovation from the audience, Batish, one of the Ukrainians from the great duo, was welcomed. The energy surged quickly, reflected in the euphoria of the clubbers. Batish wasted no time; in his two-hour set, he played various classics of the scene such as “Generate” by Eric Prydz, “Underground” by Katermurr, and ended with an exciting closing with “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode.

Thus began the HORIZON concept, which next Friday welcomes the new residency of Mathame, NEO. The Italian duo describes themselves as “storytellers”; they seek to tell a story and connect with deep emotions. To achieve this, they have revealed that each date will have its own theme accompanied by a physical and interactive structure controlled by artificial intelligence. The NEO concept blurs the lines between performer and observer, human and machine, fantasy and technology.

Amnesia becomes the perfect venue for such a display, holding the true essence of clubbing that invites clubbers to leave everything on the dance floor, thinking neither about the past nor the future, only the present. The combination of the terrace with the structure featuring LED integrations will create an impressive visual display. Horizon and NEO are set to revolutionize future live music experiences.

NEO will debut at Amnesia next Friday, June 7, running until July 5, and from September 13 to 27, with each chapter presenting an eclectic lineup of performances by artists such as The Blaze (DJ Set), Mind Against, NTO, and more. Check the lineup date by date and buy your ticket here.