16 February 2024

Amnesia Ibiza breaks ground in Mexico with a festival in Los Cabos

Amnesia Ibiza is set to grace Los Cabos with its presence in the form of a two-day festival on the 14th and 15th of March. Attendees can anticipate a distinctive experience as the iconic vibes of Amnesia Ibiza make their way to Mexico.The festival will unfold at the breathtaking Wild Canyon, nestled between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, providing a stunning backdrop for the first-ever Amnesia Festival in the country. 

Amnesia Ibiza is the home of electronic music, the temple of the best DJs and the best parties. Now, the Amnesia experience lands in Los Cabos, bringing you the finest in electronic music. Presenting an extraordinary lineup for this festival, a diverse array of styles takes center stage, each artist having left an indelible mark on the global dance music scene.

ARTBAT, the Ukrainian duo, is widely recognized for their melodic and potent techno productions that have secured them a prominent spot in international charts. Dennis Cruz, a notable figure in Spain's tech-house scene, is lauded for his groovy beats and dynamic tracks, providing an immersive dance experience. Brina Krauss, an emerging talent in techno, will infuse the festival with a mix of dark tones and Green Velvet will bring a higher level vibration from groove to house music. Indira Paganotto, captivating audiences with her unique and passionate approach to electronic music, adds a distinct flavor to the event. Joseph Capriati, an unstoppable force in techno, is celebrated for seamlessly blending different styles. Additionally, Marco Faraone, a maestro of contemporary techno, will elevate the ambiance with pulsating rhythms; Mathame, with their emotive and cinematic style, takes listeners on a journey through enveloping soundscapes. Solardo, known for their fresh and energetic sounds, has successfully captured the hearts of house and techno enthusiasts worldwide and the melodic techno Russian DJ, Ermakova. Caal; Luca Donzelli, and MarT, embodying the Ibiza atmosphere and sounds, bring the heart of Amnesia to Los Cabos, promising an unforgettable musical experience at the Amnesia Festival.

Amnesia Ibiza, a witness to the evolution of electronic music, has hosted legendary DJs and defined global clubbing trends. It embodies the true essence of the White Isle, representing the authentic definition of a party from dusk to dawn. Beyond being just a club, its legacy permeates the very DNA of dance music culture, setting the benchmark for extraordinary nightlife experiences. All are invited to partake in celebrating the ongoing narrative of Amnesia Ibiza – where the beats never cease, and the nights remain eternally alive.

The journey into the heart of electronic music awaits! 

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