The most spectacular end of season is waiting for you on October 5th!

It might seem hard to imagine that with the incredible summer we are spending together, we still have something better to offer you but, we do!


At Amnesia we like to go big, to be that memory that stays fresh in your mind the whole autumn, winter and spring. We will be that party you will talk about nonstop the whole year.



Closing Parties are just our favourites! Just like the dessert is the best part of a meal, or the last scene is the best part of a movie. Then ends are always what sum up the experience and, surely, ours will leave you speechless. And it seems like we already are quite experts on creating a great Closing Party, since this will be our number 40!


Start training your senses, because you need to be at your best for the massive party we have prepared!



Will you be able to follow our lead? Let's prove it on October 5th!


First 200 tickets for 25€ and Balcony VIP at 45€ here





Get your ticket securely and at the best price here.




Amnesia Closing Party