Mamacita lands at Amnesia to turn your nights upside down with two electrifying parties

For this 2019 season , we have decided that we wanted to give you something different at Amnesia, a party that will fire up your summer nights. This is why we would like to introduce you to Mamacita.


Mamacita is a time machine, that brings summer wherever it goes. This party will make you dance and enjoy like no other with its Latino mixes and hip hop trends. Mamacita is the only night in which boundaries between artists on stage and audience no longer exist.


After the great success they had on Mamacita’s Festival in Milan, they decided to create a European Tour to deliver to many other countries the best music in the industry. And of course, no tour can go without a mandatory stop on the world’s party capital, Ibiza.


Get loose, let your best moves out and join this wave which arrives next August 7th and 21st.