Clockwork Orange 25th Year Celebration

Clockwork Orange first hit the London clubbing scene back in January 1993, an idea that soon escalated to a large gathering of clubbers in various locations across London. 1994 is the year when the real movements started to happen as huge parties were organized in the capital city (prompting road-block policing as tickets sold out!) This continued success led to a residency at Es Paradis, Ibiza which cemented Clockwork Orange as a national brand within the 90's clubbing scene and also made Ibiza the party's spiritual home.



We were thrilled to host Clockwork Orange on Sunday July 21st 2019. We listened to the best House Music, Old Skool and remixed edits from over the years for this special event! DJ’s include: Paul Oakenfold, Jeremy Healy, Graeme Park, Seb Fontaine, Tall Paul, Smokin Jo, Alfredo, Brandon Block and Alex P, Jason Bye, Danny Clockwork, Andy Manston + more!


A party that lasted all day long, from 4 pm until the sunrise.


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