The return of old Ibiza vibes

Musical Style: Techno


Amnesia's 2018 season inaugurated Pyramid, the only party on the island that brought us back to the old Ibiza vibes, where all that mattered was the music, the energy and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Pyramid has offered you 3 undisputed reasons to come to Amnesia every Monday of the season.



Pyramid announced its return for another unbelievable 2019 season. Since the Opening Party on June 3rd, they have been bringing to our club many amazing nights every other Monday and will continue until the last event of the season on September 23rd.


2018 brought us great artists from the techno scene in their line-up: Maceo PlexCharlotte de WitteNina KravizCassya:rpia:rRareshLen FakiHelena HauffSonja MoonearTobi NeumannDjebaliJoris VoornDarius SyrossianCuarteroMar-T, Luca Donzelli, Luigi Madonna and Ricardo Villalobos who played a B2B set with one of Ibiza’s favorite, Luciano. All locked in for exclusive sets along with countless other heavy weights, new talents and surprise guests.



In addition, there have also been an array of stellar live performances, from the likes Germany's Stephan Bodzin, Bulgaria’s KiNK, Canada’s Mathew Jonson and America’s Gaiser plus additional B2B sessions from the likes of Eats Everything Luigi MadonnaCuartero Guti and Dewalta John Dimms amongst others. 


But that’s not all. Pyramid has also collaborated  with Keep On Dancing and Game Over, both have hosted a few dates in the Club Room over the summer.



The 2019 season has been bringing even more surprises and novelties. Some of the most relevant artists of the moment like Ricardo Villalobos, Luca Donzelli, Nina Kraviz, Charlotte de Witte, Solomun, Adriatique, Paco Osuna, Joris Voorn, Quartet, Tini, Nastia, Oxia and Marco Faraone, among others have already made their first appearances at our club, bringing editions as special as the 20th Anniversary of Ricardo Villalobos, Paco Osuna and Mar-t as residents on our club. In addition, this year some of the events will be, again, in collaboration with major labels and promoters such as Epizode, Diynamic, Mdrnty Urban Nature, Sunwaves Fest or Keep On Dancing.



Pyramid’s decoration and performances have also made  Monday nights so special and different, being made up by creative and organic materials, the latest technology and lighting and mind-blowing performers. The decoration has been mostly in green tones with elements that have transported us to places of leafy forests, giant figures of animals - like horses - and pyramids, many pyramids! All of these in different colours, in different places in the room, and made from different materials (lasers, bamboo, lights on the ceiling...). Entering into Amnesia on Mondays has been like transporting ourselves to another dimension.



When you really like something, you feel it and transmit it. That's something we could say about Pyramid. Since its opening and thanks to the combination of the two factors mentioned above (music & decoration) within Amnesia, an atmosphere has been created that is difficult to explain. When what you see and what you hear awakens that desire to dance and surrounds you in that unique environment that you only can live in techno events, the energy that you give off is passed on to the next one, and thus, as in a chain, all the people who have come to Pyramid week after week got that energy. A feeling which is not possible to describe with words, you must live it for yourself.

Pyramid invites you to dance, feel and live a party that has been so truly missed on the island for many years.