The craziest party on the planet

After Amnesia and elrow's first and unforgettable year working together with 14 consecutive sold out shows, the two brands have done it all over again this season!



Open since 1974, Amnesia has been the home to some of the worlds biggest parties, but in 2017, Saturdays were taken to the next level, each event packed with incredible costumes, props, performances, circus performers, animation experts and showers of inflatables and confetti... 1.5 tons of confetti to be precise.


This year the legendary Terrace of Amnesia was taken over again by madness, amazing performances and colours; Every week we enjoyed a different theme - "elrow" style. Some of the themes that were at Amnesia this season were: 'From Lost to the River'; 'Sambodromo do Brasil', 'Bollywood', 'Singermorning', 'Feria de Abril', 'Psychedelic Journey', 'El triángulo de la Rowmudas', 'elrow Music' or 'Rowlympic Games', alongside some of the most relevant artists of the current electronic scene. At the same time, in the "Club Room", every week we found the most innovative concept of elrow, "elrowcity", with only one international guest playing all night long on the stage.  And the closing was out of control! With a new theme, never seen before, Rowsattacks!