People from Ibiza landed yesterday at our club for its awaited Opening Party


Yesterday we welcomed People from Ibiza to our club. This party, inspired by the best years of the island with its bohemian and natural vibe came back to live last night at our Terrace with a renewed energy.



The night started to be magical even before entering the club. Once we arrived to Amnesia, we got surrounded by that hippy essence from the origins of the island. The music, the shops, the people and its energy. Everything creating an amazing vibe next to the fire at the Garden.


After that, trespassing our club doors, we discovered ourselfs in the middle of the nature. With an amazing production, our Terrace became a beautiful and colourful space hidden in the jungle, intermingled with plants and flowers.



Our Cova Santa's resident DJs, John Woods and Carolina Fe, were the ones in charge of inaugurate the night alongside Gaya Brisa. An incredible set in which the three of them mixed their very own styles so naturally that they all felt like one



Frankey & Sandrino made the follow up around 1 AM. The two artists made the ground and even the leaves of our jungle tremble with their famous deep house until 3 AM, when Hosh arrived ready to take control over the stage.


This DJ is known for creating a sound which sneaks into the audience's senses and moves them in harmony with his music. And this is how we all became explorers at the jungle last night, dancing barefoot in the nature.



To welcome the sunrise, Sis switched as the main artist by 5 AM with his oriental and instrumental inspired sets. And together, we kept on dancing at this mystique trip until the sun arrived.  


This really was a completely different feeling and vibe than any other of our parties and we will like to invite you all to experience this trip to the heart of the island with us.


Don't miss out People from Ibiza next event on Sunday August 4th.


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