After 17 seasons, the most loved party of the Island returns stronger than ever

Undoubtedly, Cocoon is the party on Monday par excellence on Ibiza led by the master in commandment Sven Väth.

After 17 years giving us unique nights and remarkable moments, the best techno and tech house have found its place to be on evenings that became on life experiences and bewitch those lucky ones to live a Monday night at Amnesia.

Cocoon magic lies in its high musical quality, impressive line ups and Papa Sven´s magnetic charm by a suitcase full of vinyls could turn the most skeptical on a fervent Cocooner believer.



Elegant, electrifying sets and unthinkable B2Bs sets are the hallmark on the most beloved party in Ibiza, indispensable appointment for all those music lovers ready to experience one of the best nights of their lives.

There is no reason to live the night of your life, this is Cocoon.

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