Last crazy Saturday of the season 2015 by Taito Tikaro, Andre Vicenzzo and Flavio Zarza!

One of the most beloved of the Island, Matinée, said goodbye to the Season the last night by its Closing party on a successful summer where the show and the most amazing performances have been the main characters every Saturday night at Amnesia.
For this occasion, the Matinée  crew dressed on red all the Terrace, and feathers, silks and impossible makeups filled an overflowing dancefloor plenty of energy by the powerful tracks of Taito Takiro, Andre Vicenzzo and Flavio Zarza.

In the next room, by the hand of our resident Djs Caal Smile and Les Schmitz came back to enjoy the best classic house tunes and the last hits on a party that culminates with the legendary Foam Party which completely filled the room and It has become the undisputed leader on the island for more than 20 years.

We said goodbye to 100% Ibiza Party, Matinee and the Foam Party have been with us during these few months and have transformed our weekends on the best plan of the Island every Saturday and the guaranteed fun and shows more surprisings.