On October 9, Amnesia lands in the virtual world with an event not to be missed

On Saturday, October 9th 2021, Amnesia Ibiza in association with Decentral Games and Djenerates create the 1st Super Club in the Decentraland Metaverse.


The virtual club Amnesia Ibiza, promoted by Decentral Games and Djenerates, will have 3 spaces; the iconic terrace, where users can move through one of the best and most recognized dance floors  in the world, they can listen to the music of the best worldwide artists or watch live sessions from Ibiza. An open-air venue called the Amnesia Arena, which will host large-scale alternative shows, concerts, and special shows.


It also has a museum room where the user can enjoy content on the history of Ibiza, flyers, tables, launches related to the industry and even clubber clothes; From both current and previous years! The amnesia store within the club will have exclusive NFT merchandise, ranging from creative content, merchandise, brand-related apparel, and virtually and physically usable artists.


Virtual Amnesia seeks to demonstrate the true essence of a 3D club with its representative places and sectors through time, and certain iconic elements of the music industry in a fun and technological environment.



Save the date ! Stay tuned for more announcements and DJ lineups in the coming days !