BSH Island Confirms Summer 2021 Dates and Announces First Lineups.

BSH Island returns to the idyllic island of Pag for a 4 day and night open air music weekender from July 1st to July 5th 2021 with the Main Stage taking place at Noa Beach Club, one of the most impressive and stylish venues in the Adriatic region boasting epic views of the crystal blue sea.


The world-class BSH Island line up is to be announced soon with Do Not Sleep, Under No Illusion Recordings and Pablo’s House all set to host stages at Noa Beach Club with after hours sessions at the equally essential Kalypso Club.


The Fortress of Pag welcomes Amnesia, one of Ibiza’s most iconic brands, this magical off-location sunset showcase will take place at the spectacular Fortress on Friday July 2nd from 4pm to 11pm as the highlight of the BSH Island music weekender.  The Ibiza superclub will set-up at the breathtaking 17th century Fortress, which was established to monitor the sea on what used to be a very busy route vulnerable to pirates. It has uninterrupted views of the sea, with historic architecture and a real old-world feel that makes it an unforgettable setting and backdrop for the a fitting lineup and soundtrack from Ukranian melodic techno innovators Artbat, Italian duo Mathame who always bring real emotion to their sets, as well as Brina Knauss and Amnesia mainstay Luca Donzelli.

Tickets for this one-off limited capacity Amnesia sunset party located at the Fortress are limited and are available as a single event ticket, or as a part of a package with the rest of BSH Island program,