Discover how was the British DJ's first night ever at our club


Nancy Noise is a DJ from England who began playing at Amnesia in the early 90s. She quickly conquered all the hearts of the island, spreading love and good vibes, which made her one of the island's icons.


Test Pressing had the honor to interview Nancy recently and we couldn't resist sharing some of her answers it with you. We just wish that your first time at Amnesia was as exiting as hers.


Source: Test Pressing

In 1986, Nancy arrived on the island with some friends without knowing that she would end up at Amnesia. Nancy had been visiting the island before with friends and family, but she had never entered Amnesia until the summer of 1986, when Nancy and her friends met a group of boys who invited them to our club. They liked the idea so much that Nancy and her friends couldn't resist, so they went to Amnesia for the first time.

She remembers the first time she walked into Amnesia like it was yesterday. They didn't expect an open air club. They started to walk down through the entrance and entered through the wooden doors. Once they got in they got blown away by the people.


The people looked cool, interesting, flamboyant, fun & beautiful but the colorful outfits of the crowd got her main attention. Nancy Noise and her friends spent an amazing time at the club, they knew they had to come back, so they did. The next summer Nancy and her friends came back for the season opening. 


She didn't know the DJs at that time, but the next year when they went more often they found out their names: Alfredo and Leo Mas. The music was really varied, they were playing Yello and Los Niños del Parque, when she heard it for the first time she was mind blown. Nancy noticed that the dance floor got crazy to the 12'' version of Underground by David Bowie. 


She remembers that the last song they played at her first time at Amnesia was Henry Mancini the Pink Panther. Nancy was speechless when she saw the crowd moving and swaying to it. She and her friends left the party at the very end, they sat on the stairs for a while, watching people and hearing everyone speak all different languages. ''Soaking it all in. Heaven''.


She describes the experience like an ''uplifting beautiful thing to see and unforgettable''. 


Whole interview at: Test Pressing.