Two of our most legendary DJs share with us some of their thoughts on this year’s Closing


Needless to say, we wouldn’t be who we are today without the support of all those people who’ve been making history by our side over the years, the people that shared with us their passion for music. And who could better represent this feeling that our most legendary resident DJs: Caal and Les Schmitz, who have been part of the Amnesia family for over 10 years.


They both have a long history in our club and are ready to bring back the essence of the island at our Closing Party on October 5th. We were eager to know a bit more about them and about what they’ve prepared for this amazing date, so we asked them some questions and, of course, we can’t resist sharing with you some of them…


1. How long have you been at Amnesia? In how many closing parties have you played?


L: This season, which is almost about to end, I will have been here for 17 years. I can’t believe how fast time flies! Since 2003, my first year, I have played in all closing and opening parties.


C: I started playing at Amnesia in 2006. One year later, I became resident DJ. This will be my 13th Closing Party at Amnesia.


2. What has the experience at Amnesia been for to you? Have you noticed an evolution since you started?


L: Amnesia has given me so many good things. I think the best has been to be able to meet people from all over the world and to share the cabin with great artists. Amnesia has always been a musically enriching place, where you can feel the music through the public’s reaction. These things make you grow professionally. Thanks to my residency at Amnesia, I’ve been able to travel and play in the best clubs and festivals around the world.


C: Amnesia taught me how to think big. During my first season at the club, I realized there are endless ways of understanding music. Here, I started to be influenced by the best artists, with many different styles. That really helped me as an artist. I started to feel free, musically speaking. All this helped me evolve. 


3. What’s your best memory at our club?


L: I have many great memories at Amnesia, but I think if I had to choose one it would be the sets at People from Ibiza and La Troya parties. I loved those sets because they really highlighted the resident DJs, we would play till sunrise. Besides that, they were two of the parties that really represented the true spirit of the island.


C: The first time I played on the Terrace. My boss called me at 10 PM and said “When you finish playing at Cova Santa, grab your vinyls and come to Amnesia. You are playing at 3 AM”. I remember how nervous I was when I put the first vinyl on in front of that many people. No matter how much experience you think you have, you are just not ready for some moments in life. That was one of them.


4. Is there anything you can advance of this year’s Closing Party?


L: Like always, we have a fiery line-up, with great international artists. The Terrace will be more focused on tech house sounds while the Club Room (or Techno Room), where I will be warming up the night, will play techno. This closing promises to be one for the books.


C: We have become one of the must-live Closings on the island. So, we are preparing something special, a party that will start at 11 PM and will last till very late. Hopefully, this year, we will be able to see sunrise on our Terrace and that is like magic.


5. What projects do you have for this year?


L: Keep traveling around the world with my music and going back to the studio to produce music, which is something I have set aside lately.


C:  After an intense season like this one, what I really want now is to spend time doing the things I like with the people I love. Enjoying all the things that I can’t do during summer. I will also be doing some gigs for my personal tour and for Amnesia Presents and Pyramid.



Don't miss them at our Closing Pary on October 5th