The Italian DJ and producer shares with us 7 things we didn’t know about him


Marco Faraone, known for his versatility and magical sets mixing different music genres, will be at our Closing Party this October 5th. We couldn’t wait until the closing to speak with him, we were dying to ask him a few questions. Here are his answers…



1. This year, you will be playing at Amnesia´s Closing Party next October 5th, how do you feel about it? Anything you would like to advance? 

I've been to many closing parties at Amnesia as a clubber, dancing like a crazy raver. So, imagine how I feel knowing that this will be my first time playing at the Closing Party. I'm playing in the Main Room, after Nina Kraviz, so you can surely expect a banging set!



2. Tell us about your best memory at our club. 

The first time Ricardo Villalobos played 3 of my tracks (consecutively) during his set on the Terrace.



3. If you could choose a musical period to live in it eternally, which one would it be? 

Without any doubt, I would go back to 2010. That was the year that completely changed my life, musically speaking.



4. Which do you think are the top 3 hits of this summer? 

I'm not really a hits person. 



5. Tell us about any updates you have in your professional life, new releases, collabs, etc.  

Despite not having much time because of a very busy tour schedule, I always fin always find time to produce new music. I have a new EP coming this week, including a legendary remix by Alexander Kovalski, one of my favorite producers ever.


On September 30th, my new Rekids EP “Don’t need you” is released, including 4 original tracks. Also, a new track on my own label “Uncage” called “Matter of perspective” remixed by Mark Broom, Efdemin and Mike Huckaby. And more and more coming soon... but, for now, that's all I can say. 



6. Your essential instrument in your studio? 

My Roland tr8s, my favorite drum machine.


7. Your own favorite track?

The rumor of the sea.



Don't miss Marco Faraone in our Closing Party on October 5th