The most veteran promoter of the isle will host it’s 20th Closing Party on September 30th


Cocoon is the Van Gogh of music, making its paintings stand out from any other, the parties hosted by them are a masterpiece worth to be held in the museum of music.



And of course, their Closing Party can’t be left behind compared to all the amazing parties we have shared this summer. On September 30th, Sven Väth will return one last night to our club in the company of tremendous artists.



Letting the control of the Club Room in hands of the amazing talent of Adam Beyer, Ilario Alicante and Anna, each one of them will be adding to this final mural their very own color and texture through their beats and drops.



Meanwhile, the host of the night, Sven Väth, will take over the Terrace, mixing its sound with the one from a very special guest. A DJ who will step on our booth for the very first time, Peggy Gou.The Korean artists is already making audiences all over the world go crazy, we can’t wait to see how our Terrace vibrates under her vibe.



We are a 100% positive when we say the night will be worth to remember, but in case you have your doubts, there is only one way to find out!


See you all on September 30th!


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