Voting is now open to be able to rank the World's best 100 clubs


The temple of techno, the home of party seekers, the most legendary club of Ibiza, these are all names we have been given throughout the years, but the one that we carry the most proud of is the world’s best club ever. We have worn this crown many times in the past, and now it is once again the time for our clubbers to state if they still feel the blue royalty blood running through our veins.



As every year, Nightlife International is back to rank clubs from all over the world and let the audience decide which ones are the ones that deserve the most prestige. Been always on the top of the list, we think it is time for us to take our place on the throne or at least be part of the nobles round table.



And what are the jewels and shiny gems we hold? Not only we host the most spectacular events with the kings and queens of electronic music, not only our realm extends all over the world, neither is just that our castle lowers its drawbridge almost every night of the summer to welcome in the whole kingdom but, most important of all, we’ve been writing our own book of history with all the memories we’ve been creating alongside our beloved fans.



Voting is now open until September 30th.  If you feel part of our royalty every time you step your foot into our dance floor choose us as your favorite club!


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