The most famous siblings in music will join for Shadows Closing Party


After an amazing season of Shadows at Cova Santa, the time to say goodbye has arrived. But this won’t be a sad farewell, because Magdalena is ready to make sure the event is nothing but spectacular and full of the best electronic music.



For this special occasion the DJ and event founder will share the booth with the one and only, Solomun. This family reunion already broke all the records on July 26th and it’s ready for another mind-blowing party. Shadows Closing will definitely leave a mark on Ibiza´s 2019 season.



With a 12 hours long event, the siblings will make the island dance to their rhythm from 6pm till 6am, starting under the sun rays until the shadows take over the night one last time.



And the best part of all, is that this musical journey is their gift to the world, reason why although their names are highly renowned, the entry will be free for the first dancers to arrive before 8PM. We advice people to come as early as posible for the limited capacity of Cova Santa.



Don't miss out this unique event!