On September 8th we hosted one of the most unique nights of the season


After a long wait through the whole season, Laserface finally landed at our club last night ready to share with us the so called “The world’s greatest laser show". Now that we have lived this experience, we can reconfirm through our own eyes that this name does match reality.



The night was amazing from beginning to end. Gareth Emery, the creator of the show definitely knows what he is doing, and all his work an effort to create something formidable has given its fruits, because the final result is absolutely mind-blowingMusic and lasers perfectly combined together, with a choreography that enables you to dance not only through the beat of the music but also through your eyes.



The event started right on midnight, opening our doors to trance music with the arrival of Nick the Kid to lead the party to begin, he was followed by Sam Mitcham which was the DJ in charge of getting everyone ready for the most special moment of the night.



At 2 am Laserface took over for the laser show to reach the top level. A two hours straight show in which every second was better than the previous, a moment that you could only believe if you could see it with your own pair of eyes and ears. The vibe on the crowd was tuned with the show, with many dancing bodies and arms up pointing to the ceiling, you couldn’t have enjoyed more the moment.



After this, the special guest of the night made its appearance to continue lifting up the party. Sander Van Doorn was in the house to make sure the party did nothing but getting higher and higher. The last artist of the night, which was our musical company until the sun rised, was Standerwick. The DJ gave the best end of what it was a night incomparable to any other.



Thank you all for a night in which our eyes could't believe what they were seeing.