On September first we gave the best farewell to our home born party


Every Sunday since last June, we have experienced the whole essence of the island brought to one unique space with People from Ibiza. Our club got week after week transformed into the wildest jungle, counting with the best music, decoration and vibe.



Magic was in the air from the very first minute last night. Call it an ancestral power, call it an island spiritual shaman conjure…we can’t describe what it was but the whole Terrace could breathe this magical essence, feeling like the very first people from Ibiza, dancing to their rhythm and connecting with the roots and mystery of the isle for one last amazing night.



We opened up our doors at midnight as well as our ears and hearts for the resident DJs of the party. We listened to John Woods back to back Carolina Fe as they kicked off the night making the firsts party seekers vibrate under their sound.



Later on, not only we invited our senses to dance to the beat of this musical team but also, we welcomed Manu Desrets to follow them up. The DJ had a great welcomed and he kept everyone dancing until the third component of the resident DJs arrived to take over.



The great energy of Gaya Brisa was quickly spread all over the Terrace. Every single move of the audience was guided by the lead of the artist, expressing herself with every single beat and drop, everyone in the crowd couldn't resist to her rhythm. 



Finally, the special guest Atalkingdrum arrived to the booth to take over for the last hours of the night, reaching sunrise with his set and saying the final goodbye to People from Ibiza.



There were way too many things to enumerate that made the night so special, but we think only the ones who were there and the deep heart of Ibiza would comprehend.  



A night in which the isle was in perfect harmony with our club.