Pyramid's collaboration with Diynamic has been crowned as the top event of the season


Solomun, Capriati, Adriatique, Ratier…these are four names that at first sight sound individual, but last night they all blended into one single word: legendary! On August 26th two big ones of the industry, Pyramid and Diynamic, joined forces making the impossible possible, a night in which music was absolutely terrific every single minute of it.



A jaw-dropping event that started with the Brazilian DJ Renato Ratier in the Club Room by midnight, dropping the first beats of the night to let everyone know the party was started and about to get lit. The Club Room was already packed by 1 am, when Solomun opened up the Terrace while the crowd was still vibrating under the sound of Ratier.



The Diynamic label star couldn’t have had a best welcome to the booth, since the entire audience was craving for some of his iconic house sets. For two hours straight, the DJ used the emotions through his music to make every single person on the Terrace feel his beat on the very deep of their souls.



These two artists detonated a bomb at our club which blast wave reached 3 am vitalizing everyone under its effect. This was the moment Adriatique took over the Club Room to let their different styles merge together into that unique sound they’re known for, until the daylight spread over the club. And, although we were all warned about how speechless the night would left us, the event surpassed all of our expectations.



Meanwhile, the Terrace not only hosted the amazing performance of one of techno’s most in-demand headliners, Joseph Capriati, but also a combination which is now meant to be on the history books. Our ears were lucky enough to listen to the tremendous back to back of the famous Italian DJ along with the acclaimed Solomun. A moment which meant so much to all of us lovers of the electronic music, making us enjoy every single second left until the sunrise alarm clock made us wake up from such a dreamy night.



As stated, legendary is the word we think better suits what we witnessed last night and we keep on hoping we will be able to revive an event as outstanding as the one last night.