Cova Santa not only has a beautiful view but also an amazing sound


After 20 years of legacy, maybe you could expect Cocoon to become comfortable with a specific signature, but yesterday the only thing about their signature which kept untouched was the golden letters of good music. Apart from that, Cocoon really wen out of its comfort zone with an event very different than usual.



Partnering up with Who Cares and Keep on Dancing, the three of them delivered an spectacular event yesterday at Cova Santa. Taking of their nightly mask, Cocoon welcomed with open arms the sunlight with a daylight event that started at 5pm with Sonica’s radio leading voice Igor Marijuan. Music drowned the venue with a contagious vibe which continued with Adam Port ready to kick off the event with his groovy techno until the amazing sound of house landed along with DJ Koze.



The Dj, which the previous night made us all dance until the sunrise at our club delivered once again a great set and, just like the night before, he returned to join to the sound of Sven Väth who followed him up on the stage. Cocoon’s great ambassador took over the open concept with his unique way to become a bridge between the beat and the audience, giving the best “finalli” outdoors before moving the party to the Club with Depaart.



Right on the time of midnight, Lola Haro took over the booth followed by the German DJ Sedef Adasi, the french Keep on Dancing regular Cyril Claudel and finally culminating the night with the Spanish model/DJ Sita Abellan.



This was with no doubt such a different way to experience a night with Cocoon and, we have to say, we had a great time. Although we are ready for the label to go back to its natural nightly shape and join them for their next event on September 2nd.






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