If you didn't have enough of last Tuesday we have good news for you


After the overwhelming success of the last Who Cares event with Pyramid at our hidden spot Cova Santa, the most unconventional party on the island is back next Tuesday with another great collab.


We know that many of you are still suffering from the musical hangover that Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Bedouin, among others, left us with last Tuesday. However, not to worry, 'cause we have a whole week to charge your batteries.



Because just when you may thought we’d seen it all, Who Cares is back with a game-changing secret to be revealed. The party that breaks all clichés and conventions has a new collab for this Tuesday. Who will be this special guest? That is something we cannot answer yet, but here you have the answer to when – August 20th -, where – at Cova Santa, of course – and… Still wondering how? However you want! That’s Who Cares’ essence.


Stay tuned! You won't want to miss this!