Yesterday this event hanged the SOLD OUT sign with a historial record


Yesterday, August 13th, Cova Santa hosted one event which definitelly stands out. The amazing production of Who Cares came back transforming the space into a fun, beautifully decorated and conventionalisms free home. After the two incredible parties already hosted at Cova Santa this season, this one had something special, its amazing collaboration with Pyramid.



If you are a fan of our club and electronic music, you already know Pyramid quite well, since we host their incredible parties every other Monday at our club. But yesterday, these two parties which at first sight seem to have nothing alike, joined forces to create something spectacular! A great combination mixing the incredible vibe, decoration and characters from one side and the huge party essence from the other one.


But the best part of all? Both brought together incredible artists that elevated the event to the next level. BedouinRicardo Villalobos and Luciano were in the venue to deliver their best beats. The expectation was so high that we've never seen Cova Santa more crowded. In fact, this event is worth to be part of Cova Santa's history, since it has beated the records on assitance for the past 15 years!



The party started at 5pm with Pyramid’s resident Luca Donzelli, warming up the stage before the first bomb of the event was dropped. At 7pm Bedouin took over bringing their incredible vibe and famous beats until the sun went down and the sold out sign went up. The moment was completely magic and followed by another combination which was also explosive, Ricardo Villalobos b2b Luciano!



They made us dance under the stars, although the ones shinning the brightest were the ones in the booth. Soon midnight arrived and the party moved to the Club with DJ MarichaLuciano b2b BedouinAlex Kennon and finally Illuminat.



This was with no doubt a unique event. But don't worry, you still have three opportunities to join Pyramid's incredible events.


Next one in line collaborating with Diynamic is getting ready to rock it on August 26th!


Tickets available here