This amazing collaboration took place at our club last August 12th


Every other Monday we see our club explode under the incredible energy of Pyramid’s events. But the one we hosted yesterday held something particular. Maybe it was the special touch of Epizode, the magic of day-light partying, maybe the great music of all the artists which joined the event or maybe it was all together. But what we know for sure, is that we had a blast!



The party started earlier than usual, opening our doors at 8pm for the first artist to take over, Cesar Vinzent. Giving a warm up that was followed by other several talented artists like Tyoma, the b2b between Ion Pananides and Alex Pott and the DJ Dana Ruh.



We were almost by midnight when our party got twice as amazing, because Sonja Moonear arrived to the Terrace while Mason Collective turned on the speakers of our Club Room.



After this moment the Terrace kept on getting hyper and hyper, once Sonja Moonear left the booth, she was followed by the very expected b2b of A:RPIA:r Soundsystem and Ricardo Villalobos. Together they made tremble the dance floor until Villalobos continued solo for the closing.



Meanwhile, the Club Room was burning on the hottest fire with the arrival of two talents made one just for the night, Mathias Kaden b2b Hector Couto. Together they mixed their styles in a way that only the ones who lived it can understand. The party continued with a very special guest, Michael Bibi, whose performance was his very first debut at our home.



After this great set, we welcomed back for the first time this season at Pyramid, the great Luigi Madonna, who kept us wide awake until Boxia took over to close the Terrace leaving behind an amazing event.


This was the first one of many collabs Pyramid has ready for us and we think the one coming next will be even more remarkable!



Join us on August 26th for the next collaboration in line with Diynamic.




Joseph Capriati


Renato Ratier


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