Last night we received at our house an incredible set of artists


Our club is a home and everyone who becomes part of the memories we hold becomes part of our family. Last night, Cocoon took over our club getting back together some of the biggest names in the industry as well as some members of our family which we have truly missed.



The night started with the label host, Seven Väth, as the first DJ to step a foot on the booth. As always, he kicked of the Terrace with its great talent an energy while the Club Room witnessed the great back to back between the German DJs Dana Ruh and Dorian Paic. These artists gave the best start to the event until the live set of Gaiser made the follow up at the Club Room while the Terrace was still vibrating under the beat of Sven.



We had almost reached 4 AM when the party got to the best moment. First, we welcomed one of the best artist of the moment at our Club Room, Ilario Alicante! Being one of the favorites among our clubbers, the audience went crazy the moment they heard his firsts mixes and so they kept on dancing to his rhythm until the first rays of the sun came up.



Also, making this night even more outstanding, the Terrace was definitely not left behind and we finally had the chance to live one of the most awaited family reunions of the season, Richie Hawtin was in the house!



The crowd and even himself couldn’t have been more excited, creating an amazing vibe. In the DJ’s own words “I’ve had many crazy experiences in Ibiza and have to say 99.999% of them where with this guy” refereeing to his old friend Sven Väth. The DJ as well as all of us gave him the best welcome to our home and in exchange Hawtin gave us back a night we will always remember, full of the best music and feeling.



This has for sure, became one of our favorites editions so far this season and we can’t wait to see whats coming next on August 19th.



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