The "flamenco" night by Matinée, ruffles, polka dots and the funniest show ever!

Matinée presents Made in Spain

Matinée is undoubtedly one of the most beloved parties throughout Ibiza and every Saturday at Amnesia we have the pleasure to enjoy their funny shows. With a few shows around the dancefloor, Matinée surprises us with spectacular stagings that jaw-dropping all the newcomers. In its folk night, Amnesia was dressed by ruffled, polka dots and flamenco decoration on its show "Made in Spain", a careful performance that filled the Terrace with joy and folklore at the rhythm of the music by André Vicenzzo and Taito Tikaro which led a packed room to dance by the best house music.


Don´t spend another Saturday night at Ibiza without living one of the most amazing shows ever!

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