Dive nto the best tales of your childhood with this unique event


This Thursday August 8th Cova Santa will be transformed for another edition of Storytellers. After the amazing Opening Party hosted a month ago, we have been craving for more. Do you know how it feels like to immersive into your favorite tales? Then you are about to experience it.



They will open the second chapter of this book at 5pm, moment in which reality will no longer see its frontier. With the first step in, you will start writing your own story through your senses, listening the words, feeling the letters, finding books wherever you look at and surrounding yourself by characters brought out of the stories you have always loved…or maybe,  we should better say you are the one diving in.



For this occasion, the stories will have a specific theme of focus since for this edition Storytellers will be collaborating with Mayan Warriors. Meaning, the night will take a folkloric twist, in which the Mexican ancestors will come alive to dance with us until the sunrise. Become part of the tribe and learn from this culture through the stories they share with their music. A night in which ancient and contemporary times will merge in a very unique way.



The narrators of the story will be the artists sharing their music with us such as Pachanga BoysKiasmos (DJ set), DramianJanus Rasmussen, Asaf SamuelPaulorCarlita and Valentin Huedo among others.



If you are ready to become part of our story, we will see you on Thursday at Cova Santa!

Tickets already available here