Amnesia x Absolut make the nights at our club even more amazing!


If you have ever dreamt about playing a set at one of the most famous clubs in the world or you are just looking for a different and fun night, this is the place you should come to!



Meet us at our club, and find the Absolut container at our entrance which holds so much fun in it! Take a picture at the photocall, get all glittery and neon painted by the artists, add your DJ name to the line-up and be the next one in line for showing the world your skills!



We have a full DJ booth on the container where you can express yourself and, who knows, this could be your first step before becoming a DJ at our Main Room!



Listen and be listened, let your creativity out, play, laught, dance and have the time of your life before getting in our club to keep on dancing to the rhythm of the best veteran DJs


Meet us where fun and music get together! See you soon!