We have one last date for the summer you can't miss, October 5th!


Being right now in the middle of this amazing season, we want to take a look flashforward and create something special to thank you all for making this summer so incredible. And so we have decided to do it with an spectacular end of the season party.


We want to make sure that your last memory from this summer is the best one of them all. A party that will bring together the great things we have been gathering throughout the season. Artists, decorations, dancers, light shows...everything ready to be unforgettable.


And what do we have ready for you? Shhhhh, let us surprise you! It will be a well-kept secret. But stay tuned, 'cuase we may slip some hints while we get closer.


From now you can already save the saturday October 5th for us!


First 200 tickets for 25€ and Balcony VIP at 45€ here