When great artists come together, music rises to the next level


After years wondering around the world, Luciano has lived the best of each culture, absorbing sounds, learning beats. This summer, he has decided to bring together his huge talent with everything he has learned during his travels and has created this event that can't be forgotten. Last night we lived Vagabundos' third edition and this was something that made us travel the world through Luciano's eyes and ears. 



Arapu and Rocki Moroccin were the artists in charge of kicking off the night. Each one of them at one of our rooms started the event. A few hours and many dances later, Dan Andrei took over the Club Room with a great set. 


While others were sleeping, we were creating memories on our Terrace with the arrival of Bedouin at 01.30 AM. Rami Abousabe and Tamer Malki never disappoint. They lighted up our club with that incredible skill of transmitting their stories through their music. 



Finally, the perfect finishing touch for the perfect night. Priku made sure all the hands were still up until the Club Room's closing, while the Terrace welcomed the sunrise with the great Luciano.


The best of the island comes alive at night, brings people together through music, gives a home to all of us feeling homeless and makes us feel part of something bigger. 


Join our Vagabundos' family and don't miss out the next edition on Friday, July 12th.


Tickets already avalilable here