Chromatic Estudio, our resident videojockey at Amnesia, wins the Vicious Music Awards


Chromatic Estudio, responsible for the videos and visual projections at Amnesia has been recognized as the best visual artist of 2018.


On Wednesday, May 8, Moisés Rodríguez, the person behind Chromatic Estudio, received the Vicious Music Awards for Best Visual Artist of 2018. Moisés, our resident video jockey, has been working in the industry for more than 10 years and for the last 5 years he has been in charge of the entire audiovisual project for our club especially for the Pyramid and Together events. 


Among his latest projects, he highlights the execution of a novel technique based on the fusion of laser and Fx video that generates a unique visual experience where video and lasers interact to the rhythm and beats of the music delighting all club goers and enhancing their experience. 



This award is an important recognition of his hard work when Moisés received it he said: "After 10 years of perseverance and hard work I feel very grateful to have received this award. It is not only for me, but for all my companions; a reward for a lot of effort.”





The award is also a big boost for the 2019 season. Moisés returns again to Amnesia this summer to provide his expertise in audiovisual technology "With new surprises and novelties every night, but especially on Monday nights with Pyramid and the recently announced Vagabundos with Luciano who returns this year, the island stronger than ever."


In recent years these special awards have been a way to recognize those in dance music sector in spanish speaking countries, being the only event that awards exclusively to the different genres and professionals of the electronic music industry with DNA Spanish American.


Congratulations on behalf of the entire team at Amnesia!