Welcome KV2, the most advanced sound system in the world


This Saturday, May 11th, we will celebrate more than just our Opening Party. We will be the first venue in Ibiza to boast the most revolutionary sound of the 21st century from KV2 Audio, conceived and designed by the legendary pro audio pioneer, George Krampera.


KV2 Audio systems are the result of many years of research into the most honest and accurate reproduction of the original sound source. Those who have already had the chance to listen to a KV2 system say that it “truly captures the emotions of an artist’s performance” and that the audio is “incredibly defined, transparent and real” - a system that brings together art and science to create an undeniable and unforgettable clubbing experience. 


Luciano, The Martinez Brothers, Héctor Couto, Mar-T, Caal, Luca Donzelli and Manu Gónzalez are just some of the artists who can’t wait to make history in performing on this incredible revolutionary new system at the Opening Party. 



Sound perfection fans: get ready for the night of your lives at Amnesia.