One of the most awaited sets of the season surprise everyone, simply awesome

Fridays are definitely the Music On night, the island shuts down for a few hours and people come at  Amnesia door ready to live  one of the most memorable nights of their lives.

Last Friday we could live one of  those nights expected throughout the summer that attracts people coming from all over the world.
The evening started by  Re-UP, it was the fuel that we needed in one of the most anticipated nights of the year and paved the way for the two heavyweights that played on the round 2.
The visit of the great Carl Cox was the point by an exceptional set, which sounded from Marvin Gaye tunes to the darkest and deep techno, on a session marked by the genius and talent.
After this master class  it came the expected b2b between Carl and Marco Carola, we have no words to describe those two hours that left us exhausted and wanting for more; magical connection, very danceable tracks and overturned in body and soul to a booth that gave off good energy that leads to ecstasy a whole club and go nuts all the dance floor.


Meanwhile on the Main Room, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves  gave us an exquisite b2b, the night was "Back to back", and the coming and going of great songs and the connection between all the DJs involved resulted in an indescribable night for all in both rooms.
Closing the room and taking the raw Techno, Paco Osuna, which we declare unconditional fan of their ability to fill their rooms with hypnotic and powerful sets.
It was certainly a historic night, one of those that make us happy to belong to the best club in the world were the nights make a life experience hard to be erased from the memory of all of us.

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