Intense night by Bas Ibellini, Barem, Paco Osuna, Apollonia and Marco Carola

Music On returned as every Friday at Amnesia, confirmed as indispensable date for all the Techno lovers and a must to see for anyone willing to live an unique experience with one of the most spectacular parties in Amnesia.
It is certainly a waste of artists, week after week  filling both rooms and making dance until sun comes up in a magical atmosphere full of good vibes and great tunes.
The Main Room was three men who captained thecabin with a waste of good vibes from the beggining.
Bas Ibellini opened the night with a danceable tech house session and charmed everyone, from the cheesy one to pure Techno lovers.
The second one was Barem, recharching batteries to everyone; we were looking for more power ? We totally get it with him!
To close the night and once again placing us in a difficult decision by choosing a room, Paco Osuna, who returned to coincide with Carola in the Set Time at the Terrace, we love these kind of nights, that pervades the genius and the talent  is flowing into the atmosphere as a point of a perfect night.



The Terrace was chosen by Apollonia and Marco Carola to bring everyone into the ecstasy, pure and hardest techno, a devoted audience and the feeling to living one of the best moments of your life are the keys on these magical nights that become unforgettable mark in the memory of all.
Don´t miss a Friday over the island to feel the pure music, join us at Music On!

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