Wednesday's parties say goodbye to the 2018 summer season with two HUGE events!

Vibra Ibiza closed its debut season at Amnesia last night with a spectacular farewell party.  An event quite similar to the ones they have been carrying out week after week since its opening.


J Alvarez


The night began with the resident DJs: Double Deejay and Niccola Zucchi who both warmed up the room during the first hours. Shortly after 3 in the morning, the guest artist, on this occasion, J Álvarez, appeared on stage to delight us with almost an hour of live show. Sharing with the audience some of his hits. The show, the lights, the confetti and the good vibes were not missing at any time.


Gianluca Vacchi Vibra


When J Alvarez finished his act, Gianluca Vacchi, host of Vibra, took control of the DJ booth showing once again why they call him  a "showman". Vibra Closing Party could not have been different or less exciting and fun than the rest of the past dates; with the same rhythm, the same light show and the same good "vibes" that have characterized this party.


While all of this was happening on the Terrace, in the Club Room there was also a farewell. The mythical foam party also closed its doors for the season. Federico Scavo, Les Schmitz and Manuel Ribera were the DJs in charge to end this super party, which was filled with tons of foam around 5 in the morning. The two big Amnesia's cannons never stopped whilst accompanied by a kind of music that transported us all to the best of the 90s. The Club Room of Amnesia was full of foam everywhere.


Espuma party


Thank you Vibra Ibiza and Espuma Bubbles for filling Wednesday nights with great artists from all over the world, with foam and water and giving to the island a kind of event and music that, as we have seen, many people want to be able to enjoy in Ibiza.