Cuartero, an icon in the electronic music scene who was born in Spain

Cuartero is a young artist from Málaga, who started his career when he was 15 years old. In 2009 he began to release his own tracks, and over the time he has managed to position himself as an icon in the electronic music scene. This young producer and DJ, who will be playing at Amnesia a few dates throughout the 2018 summer season, talks with us about his relationship with the club and his future projects.


A. When was the first time you stepped into Amnesia?

C. It was in 2013. At the closing.


A. Which is your best ever memory at Amnesia?

C. The first closing. It was memorable because it was my first time so I was a little bit nervous and it was an amazing party hehe


A. What can we expect from you at Amnesia in 2018?

C. All the best from me. I will be on Pyramid and elrow. Also, I will play at the closing so... Don't miss it!


A. What does playing at Amnesia Ibiza mean to you? Had it always been a dream before the first time you came?

C. Obviously, it's a place where you can find the finest artists in a spectacular place. A dream for every DJ.


A. How do you feel about a lot of people being more interested in filming on their mobile phones than enjoying the music nowadays?

C. I think they want to save the moment on their phone but instead they are actually not enjoying the moment 100%. Probably most of them want to show that they are there. To me it's more important to feel the moment and leave our phone aside.


A. Do you think that people had a better time whilst clubbing before smartphones were invented?

C. I am young, so I haven't lived too much without a phone. I guess it was just different.


A. You've been coming to the island for many years now, what would be a perfect day for you on the island?

C. I don't ask for that much. Just getting on time with no delayed flight, have lunch and chill before the party with friends. And obviously, have fun during the gig hehe


A. You've recently launched your own label Cuartero concept, what is the idea behind the label and what can we expect on it over the next year?

C. The concept is a project where with each release it's getting more and more special. It will be an own track with a remix from someone I like focusing on a more underground side.


A. What other releases have you got coming out in 2018?

C. I have confirmed:

Ep 4plae VINYL


Remix for Christian Burkhardt

Remix for djebali

Remix on saved records

Rawthentic and more TBC.


Cuartero photo press kit


Dates Cuartero will be at Amnesia:

28th July - El Row

6th - 13th August - Pyramid

3rd -  10th September - Pyramid

22nd September - El Row 

October - Amnesia's Closing