Coca Cola & Amnesia join forces in a project where music is its main protagonist.

"Throughout life there are few brands that manage to break the barriers of time and transcend throughout history. These brands accompany you for the rest of your days and will always be associated with those moments where you were happy. "


Amnesia more than a brand is a symbol rooted in Ibiza, a symbol for electronic music that  since its opening in 1974 has delighted the ears of this gender lovers and the visitors who have come for many years to the island. An international name, recognized by everyone, that is transcending generations and leaving a mark on the lives of those who have spent the best nights of their lives in the club. 


Another of these world-known names, with a history behind it and the same values ​​of enjoying life and good times, is Coca Cola. Because, who hasn’t drunk a Coca Cola in life?, a difficult question to answer. The most iconic drink of the twentieth century created in 1892 has cooled down, generation after generation, acountless amount of people, provoking smiles and making us remember those afternoons in family or in the company of friends, where the brand was present. 

Photocall Coca Cola & Amnesia 2018


Today both brands have seen the pass of time and have known how to evolve to continue accompanying those with whom they have grown up and approached them with a purpose: "Enjoy life." In addition both of them have achieved to become their products into something that goes beyond consumption itself, making them a vital experience. Amnesia and Coca Cola share values ​​and history, and that is why, in the search for mutual growth, they reinforce their bond by creating an original story that is hardly reproduced in the sector.

This year Amnesia and Coca Cola join forces to bring many surprises to their fans. During the next few days the new project that both brands prepare for the summer of 2018 will be announced. A well-kept secret that will soon be revealed. Stay tuned to our communication channels, we are sure that you will like what is coming!