We caught up with the Belgian DJ who plays Amnesia for the first time this year

What does playing at Amneisa mean to you?

I nearly fell off my chair when the offer finally came in. It’s an absolute honor to play at the club, on the opening night of the new concept Pyramid! It obviously means I’ll be giving you everything I've got, This is a really big deal for me.


What can we expect from you at Amnesia in 2018?

My goal would be to provide you with high quality Charlotte de Witte sets that also fit the vibe of the island. Ibiza is, with its sunshine and beautiful beaches, not necessarily a place for very dark, moody techno. I will try and adapt my set at least a little bit to make sure everything makes sense.


What do you feel about people being more insterested in their phone than the music nowadays?

Ah well, that sucks. I understand that people want to record some stuff, but honestly, is there ever someone who watches all the videos again? It’s much more intense to actually live in the moment rather than watch the DJ you’ve paid a ticket for from behind a screen. It makes it so much more impersonal, both for the crowd and for the DJ. I often make a sign to please stop using flash because they’re really blinding, or I even ask the crowd to stop filming and just start dancing, with a smile. They often put their phone away in the end but it’s a true mission to convince everyone in the club to do so. I will make this my mission of life!


Do you think people had a better time when smatphones wern't invented?

Definitely. Absolutely. 100%! The use of cellphones, or in the first place flashlights, should be banned in clubs. In the end it’s your decision to experience the moment through a screen, but the flashlights just bother everyone, both the DJ and the people standing around you.


Tell us about the idea behind KNTXT

KNTXT is my baby concept which I founded in 2015. It’s a party concept that initially started in Fuse Brussels, for which I invite both national, but mainly international, guests. Throughout the years, we started expanding our edition to Ghent (my hometown), Antwerp and Hasselt. And now for the very first year, we’re also hosting a stage at Tomorrowland, which is massive. We recently started having our own radio show on Studio Brussel for which we invite techno artists on a weekly basis to make a podcast for us. Things have been going really well and I’m a proud momma.


What else have you got coming up in 2018?

The agenda in completely rammed up until the end of the year. The touring schedule looks absolutely insane but the places I can go to have been on the wish list for a long time. I’ll be exhausted by the end of the year, but I’ll be happy. Being a touring DJ to me is something that drains a lot of energy but also energises at the same time. It’s really intense but it makes me the happiest person I can be.


You can catch Charlotte at the Pyramid opening on June 4th