PYRAMID, ABODE with DO NOT SLEEP and VIBRA! will be part of Amnesia’s weekly line up

2018 sees Amnesia’s longest and most exciting season to date. With the return of Together, La Espuma, elrow and Music On, we welcome you three new parties that will form part of the club’s weekly programme.


MONDAY: PYRAMID arrives to establish itself as the Monday night bomb, with a claim that defines the return of the essence of the island: eternal nights of dancing and fun where the importance resides in good vibes and musical quality. This proposal by Amnesia, where the production is a very important part of the event, will bring back the best artists of the national and international scene, those who have made us dance on the terrace whilst the sun beams through the roof during the early hours of the morning. June 11th will be the day that we feel the essence of the most famous island in the world again... and we’ll be able to enjoy it until September 24th.  

Find out more about Pyramid here


WEDNESDAY: Sharing the club with our famous foam party, we welcome Vibra! to the terrace, a party by Gianluca Vacchi where we’ll dance to some of the biggest artists of the international Latin scene from June 27th to September 11th. Be prepared to "Live life to the fullest and enjoy the summer in Ibiza".

Discover our Latin side here

THURSDAY: ABODE with club room hosted by DO NOT SLEEP, arrive to revolutionize Thursday nights at Amnesia from June 14th to September 27th. This new proposal arises from the union of the well-known leading promoter in the UK, ABODE, and the brand born in Ibiza, Do Not Sleep. ABODE will be taking over the terrace whilst Do Not Sleep will be hosting the club room. The union of both is a revolution in the current scene of the island, bringing with them huge artists, both guests and residents.

More info on Thursday night events here


To stay at the top for 40 years you have to open the doors to new and exciting proposals. So buckle up and get ready for the longest and biggest season in our history!


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