The madness and the crazy Brasilio´s troupe, our typical Sunday night on Amnesia

Yesterday we get the chance to live an unique experience, from Belgium we get the visit of so many Djs that put the cream in our Sunday.

The Norwegian duo Broiler, opened the cabin of the Terrace with a powerful dancemusic, a perfect session to warm up the atmosphere that had immediate response from early.

Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman were the next to take over and achieve great hits in a wonderful session that made us all dance in a mix of light and music that became a real party worthy of any festival.

The funny point came by the hand of Carnage, greatly encouraged the dance floor with the most danceable EDM, sympathy overflowed from the stage and gave us a simply fabulous set.

After this waste of talent, the Dutch guys W & W came with the most powerful sounds and the most progressive sound, we have no words to describe the magic hour of session that involved everything and that was the cause that we couldn´t stop moving our feet at the rhythm of the music.

At the epicenter of the show, the stars of the show appeared on the scene,Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike came up to revolutionize to everyone, pure music show, fireworks and the best EDM.

The responsibility to end the night it came by Simon Salis, elegant tech house with dark tunes put the finishing touch to a night that was the delight of everybody.

Meanwhile the Main Room received La Troya, this time featuring"Psychiatric" we could live for one single night the experience to live surrounded by sick and crazy fun, the Brasilio bunch were spreaded around interacting  with the attendes, as always they knew us dream and move to their imaginary world where the spicy mood and audacity are his main character.

The rythm it came by the hands of Les Schmitz, Oliver Schmitz, Caal SmileAnd Oscar Colorado; funny songs, good vibes and the dancefloor filled by smiley faces.

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