Come to dance under tons of foam and live a unique experience

This year, Amnesia gives us the chance to dance under tons of foam and live one of the most characteristic and unique experiences of Ibiza.


Who doesn’t associate foam with fun? The Foam Party that has been celebrated summer after summer for more than 20 years, the same that has been consecrated as the quintessential party, this year comes to present a new world of bubbles and animation that will make you dance to the rhythm of our residents Caal and Les Schmitz, and guests, until the end of the night when our powerful cannons fill the Main room with foam. A symbol of Amnesia and of course, of Ibiza. In the past this date was the end of the week, this year we can enjoy it every Wednesday night!


For 12 consecutive weeks, Amnesia will be filled with foam and fun. An artistic production by the iconic Made in Italy group (now under its mother agency I Productions Events) that will kick off the party  at the end of June, promising to be one of the sensations of the summer.

See you again very soon on the dance floor!

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