Daniel Stefanik, Paul Ritch, Adam Beyer, tiNI and Sven Väth on a huge final set

Every Monday and starting the week as only they know how to do it Cocoon  proved again that they are most loved and expected in Ibiza on Mondays.

The Main Room was opened by Daniel Stefanik, the sound of Detroit and the magical sound fusion with the minimal resulted in an amazing experience, was certainly the perfect set to open the night.

Second and featuring an exquisite Live, Paul Ritch, dark techno sounds and a power session to put the batteries in the ecuador of the night preparing the ground for Adam Beyer.

Finally, Adam Beyer, which put the club on a hard place because on the next room coincided in the same set time with Sven Väth and everyone was struggling in this difficult decision, included ourselves.



Meanwhile the Terrace had two heavyweights, tiNI and Sven Väth, the room was filled from early and the queues outside was considerabl by early expecting such an amazing night.

Every Monday we´re surprise by deployment of genius which we are fortunate to live it, will you join us?


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