We interviewed Andy C before his world exclusive b2b with Chase & Status on July 11th

What’s currently going on in the world of Andy C?

Currently I’m in the middle of a mad summer schedule, I’ve been to Ibiza a couple times already, done 4 weekends in America in the last 8 weeks, off to Canada for the night tomorrow, then Ibiza next week again then Belgium, I mean it’s just crazy. At the start of it you look at the diary and think ‘oh my God’ and then before you know it you’re 7 or 8 weeks in and thinking ‘how have I just done that?’. It’s been a beautiful thing.


It’s amazing to see Drum & Bass take over main stages at festivals across the world; it seems to be a very exciting time for the genre and the artists in it...

Ye it really is, everybody is really busy in the world of D & B and there seems to be a swell of activity and stuff going on, it never seems to stop, I don’t know how but it just keeps growing, I’ve been doing this for a while now, and every summer it just seems to get bigger and better!


You’ve been playing with us in Ibiza for many years now, how do the Together parties differ from other parties you play at across the globe?

I think the Together parties are special because of their great combination of musical genres; it’s also in one of the best nightclubs in the world and everyone that goes there intends to make it an integral part of their holiday in Ibiza! Everybody goes there with a ‘I’m going to have a bloody good night’ mind set, because that might be the big night out they’ve chosen for that particular holiday. I think this year I’ve already had some incredible nights there so really looking forward to the rest of the season.


How does it feel to see Drum & Bass being such a prominent feature on the white isle?

It doesn’t surprise man its such a popular genre! What’s really cool is that when the residency got announced people started hitting me up on social media asking what dates I was going to be there, I think people are building their holidays around it more so than ever, trying to figure exactly when they should go to make sure they hit Together at Amnesia and get their fill of D & B whilst they’re out in Ibiza.


You’ve already played twice with us at Together this season, how have those shows been for you?

Fantastic, we did the opening night which was a heavy line up and I played the late set then but it was still jamming. Then last week it was one of my favourite times ever at Amnesia…it was proper!


What’s a typical day for Andy C whilst you’re touring in summer?

Il give you what my typical day tomorrow is going to consist of, I’m getting up at 7, getting in a car to the airport, sitting around, flying to Canada, going through immigration, getting to the hotel, having an hour or two of downtime there if I’m lucky, then heading to the festival, think I’m playing 00.30 till 2am, then I’ll get back to the hotel at 3am, in bed for 4 hours, then back to the airport and home by 9pm on Saturday night. Take-off mid-day on Friday and get back 9pm on Saturday, that’s a typical day.


Have you ever checked out the figure of how many miles you usually cover in a year?

Haven’t done that but BA do have this program where they can show you how many times you’ve flown around the whole world and I’m well into double figures! You just have to keep on rocking, like right now I’m looking at the next 24 hours thinking it’s going to be insane but it is what it is and when I get there and get to the festival it’s going to be sick! Then when I get back it’s almost straight to Ibiza.



Both you and Chase & Status have played an integral part in the expansion of D&B, next week you will go B2B for the first time ever in your careers which has got a lot of D&B fans very excited. How are you feeling about this?

Very excited, I love Will and Saul, we go way back and have a long history, most importantly, we all love Drum & Bass! We’ve been there since the very early days so we are absolutely buzzing, we are going to throw it down, there are going to be beats flying everywhere!


What do you think people can expect from this special B2B set?

Knowing Will and Saul, I think we can expect a lot of classics and a lot of naughty mixes going on! Then add the fact that everyone is going to be wanting to show off their new beats so we are going to be throwing some exclusives at each other too!


Any tracks that are doing the damage on the dance floor at the moment that you’re willing to share with us?

No because the guys might get them in time for Tuesday…haha. There’s loads man, there’s some seriously big tunes out there right now which is really healthy, the music grows and everyone becomes unified! Just wait for Tuesday because we are definitely going to be throwing them at each other.


You’ve held the throne as Drum & Bass’s no.1 DJ for as long as we can remember, what’s been your secret to remaining at the forefront?

There’s no secret, I really do appreciate the support I get from everyone but it’s simply down how much I love the music! This year I did a residency for 13 weeks and got to play over 1000 tunes, it was ridiculous I actually got to play that many tunes, I just love it. If you have a passion for something and have the opportunity to do it as a career, nobody should ever underappreciate that, and I don’t. I just absolutely love this music and everything that goes with it!


How was the XOYO residency? I know Chase & Status made a little guest appearance there too.

Ye they did and smashed it down standardly. The residency was another level for me personally, to be able to explore that many tunes and relive the memories was amazing. I played a different set every week, it was just mental and was a great challenge and as the residency went on I just really enjoyed it. It’s very rare to have a residency like that in Drum & Bass and it being in London in winter and still grimy like when it all started was awesome.


Any new projects and releases on the horizon?

Ye I got loads of new bits on the go, I had ‘What Bass’ out a couple of months ago and really happy with that. I’ve got a brand new tune called Diamond coming out very soon, and then some really heavy duty remixes as well that I need to get finished that I’m very excited about.


What advice would you give to any young DJ and producer looking to make it on the Drum & Bass scene?

I would say to always remember the passion, be yourself, never take for granted the opportunities you’re given and certainly don’t moan at promoters on your first or second booking because they won’t have your back! Always appreciate the opportunity!


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