One of the most demanded DJs on the planet tells us about his first time at Amnesia

Paco Osuna, one of the most important national and international artists was Amensia’s resident for 4 seasons. We asked him about his first ever time at the club, what it was like and what he felt. 


“My first night at Amnesia was at the opening party in 1999, that year I become part of Amnesia’s team of DJs, that lasted for 4 season. There was another DJ called Sara, Tony Bayo was there too, one of the residents with Mar-T and I think there was some guest artists but I can’t remember the names. 


My feelings that night were a mix between excitement and frustration, obviously it was a huge privilege to play at Amnesia and become part of that, frustration because at the opening I just could played for 15-20 minutes, there was hardly anyone there haha. What I remember most about that night was the wait… It was so long watching the hours pass by, all my friends were frustrated too, but I was the last to join the team so it was what it was… But it didn’t take long to change that! 


That’s why I thank Amnesia so much, as it transformed me into a professional DJ, and taught me values such as patience and constancy, that aren’t seen as much nowadays."