The most special spot on Ibiza begins the 2017 season tomorrow

Summer has arrived and with it, the opening of one of the most magical spots on the island, Cova Santa. A natural cave, home to a restaurant in which freshness and flavour is the main focus. A perfect spot to dine and for a special night out in Ibiza. And on top of that, Cova Santa offers some of the most exciting parties on the island, suitable for all audiences. 
For yet another year, Cova Santa will host a series of Music On parties; Woomoon, the award winning party of 2016 returns every Sunday to Cova Santa, with a very definite identity and a philosophy based on the stars, bringing that mystical touch to the ibiza nights and finally, Juan Magan brings his party #LatinIBIZAte every Wednesday to Cova Santa. 

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